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Online Store Item Example - "Photo/Image" product type - 04 (Item ID:165)

Online Store, web-based Coldfusion application, selling, photos, images, photo / image product type
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Type:IMAGE (downloadable)
Category: Product Types Examples 
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This is example of how Photo / Image item type of the Online Store Engine web-based Coldfusion application can look. So Online Store Engine system can be used for selling photos or any other image files, available as downloadable or on CD or as oil-painted graphic (for selling CDs or as another "real" item which can not be downloaded and supposed to be shipped, it must be placed into store as another product type called Shipable)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: CF-Works Online Store. Selling photos/images. Online Store Engine web-based Coldfusion application. Example of the Photo/Image store item type.

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