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Client Online Billing & Invoicing System (Item ID:2)

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The matter of this web application is online billing and invoicing system with project management abilities.
I built it for my own needs originally and use it every day in my work to track clients, projects, tasks, billing, payments, generate and email invoices and perform a number of others essential tasks. It also can be used to create any one-time or recurrent invoice by directly adding invoice items, like for hosting for example. Clients also have access to the Client Online Billing & Invoicing System where they can leave tasks per projects, control task processing, run reports, online statements, paid/pending invoices and others things. Client Billing & Invoicing System is already good tested core application for being used as base for CF-based application of any other kind, like online store, job database or any other system. It is still growing system, recently embeded Coldfusion Server Monitoring scheduled utility into this system to keep my clients informed if CF service went down on their servers. The last addition was Reminders piece.
Any customizations for this system to meet your individual needs can be done on your request.

In case if you don't have your own domain or don't run CF on your server, you can use CBS online, prices start from $10/month. Your subdomain will be created for you like the following example:
http://test.cf-works.com/cf/cbs/login.cfm?reset=1 - please contact me for more details


BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Client Billing and Invoicing System. Invoicing system with project management abilities. Invoicing system,billing system,automated invoicing,web-based billing,automated billing

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Q.:Does the program allow timesheet entry and billing off of the timesheet?
Billing entry tracks data about billing date, employee, project, billable hours and whether it is already billed. Employees tracks billable time daily with "billed" flag in Billing table = 0. Then on processing billable hours (I do it monthly) it automatically generates invoices converting Billing records into Invoiceitems records. Then invoices get emailed, clients pay and their payments get entered into database (manually, but if you expect clients to pay only via credit cards and paypal, payments tracking can be automated). Payment is not hardly linked to a particular invoice but it has Unapplied Amount value that can be applied to Unpaid Amount of invoice. At this point, system does not have reports by employees since I originally built it for my own needs but yes Employees piece is already in place and billing records track employee who they belong to.

Q.:I love your product the online invoicing system but am completely in the dark as to it implementation what do I get for the price do I need my own server, do I have to upload something to a server somewhere please advise
Client Billing and Invoicing system is ready to go since it does not involve public side and design integration unlike Online Store Engine system for example. To get it up on your server, you need:
-Coldfusion MX 7 or up;
-Coldfusion datasource setup (Access, MS SQL or MySQL).
So it is supposed you own a site, not necessary your own server but at least a domain within shared hosting.
Then, unzip code into appropriate directories and run Installation script by going to http://[www.yoursite.com]/cf/cbs/admin/install/index.cfm which will create tables and other database objects.
So about "what do I get for the price" question, the answer is - CF code ready for use, encrypted or open source (open source will let you or your programmers right and abilty to change it if necessary to fit your needs exactly), and guarantee it is error-free.

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