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Since 2002 when started to work as web developer, I got to work on dozens of projects. In most of cases I was working on a project solely (as a single programmer). In other cases, there was a team of developers for me to cooperate with. Some of projects were started from ground up. Others were initially started by others developers and then fully reworked by me. Some of websites weren't reworked fully and took only a few hours of work from my side to accomplish task needed to be done. Some other ones which were reworked in a few months and successfully went live, then took years of ongoing development process to meet new requirements and to implement new ideas. So during those years there was done wide range of programming works of any kind. For the portfolio page I have selected a few really important projects, which I either programmed from scratch or reworked fully within development process. (Web design used in the projects was either purchased by clients from 3rd party professional web design studios either created by clients personally).

  Example project #1: Replacementremotes.com United States

  • Brief description: This is the oldest project, started and went live in 2003 driven by ColdFusion 5 yet. Ongoing. Big and busy online store with 40000+ products in database.
  • Tech specifics:
    - The site uses CF to generate static HTML pages with SEO-friendly URLs which are exposed to users and search engines. Static HTML pages are fast and don't load CF application server and database. CF engine remains behind the scenes and rebuilds pages on the fly if necessary only when a product goes out of stock due to order paid or new product was added into stock from admin interface.
    - Pretty sophisticated Verity-based public search, also no load on database;
    - Works with (relatively) big data. Weekly generates XML feeds for Google Shopping of 10000 products each (~5Mb each) and automatically uploads them via ftp into Google merchant account;
    - Is running a number of scheduled tasks to automate website operating as fully as possible;
    - Talks via web to a number of external websites (using XML, WDDX) like suppliers' sites and others like wikiremotes.com, anderic.com (these two are also built by me from the ground);
    - Uses Authorize.net, Paypal and UPS API
  • Core technologies currently used:
    Coldfusion 8, PHP 5, MS SQL Server database.

  Example project #2: Travelsense.dk Denmark

  • Brief description: This was my top important project of year 2009. Really complex fuctionality combining hotel online booking and selling diverse kinds of content like tickets to football match, airplane tickets and more as packages with options to choose from. Tracking sport ligas, clubs, hotels, tickets allotments and many more. To be honest, it was not 100% rewoked from legacy code but 80% for sure. Admin side was originally built as desktop Visual Basic - based stand-alone application, and I ported it line-by-line into Coldfusion web-based interface at the first step, then made major changes to refine/expand functionality as required. Public side also was almost totally rebuilt, including changed payment gateway from Dibs.dk to ePay.dk.
  • Tech specifics:
    - The site uses URL Rewrite approach (at web server level) to show actual CF-driven URLs as SEO-friendly.
    - Tons of AJAX-based and other javascript code on public and admin sides;
    - CFC components get loaded into sessions on public side;
    - Uses ePay.dk payment gateway API;
    - Uses Google Maps API to show hotels locations;
    - Uses flexible (configurable from admin interface) fields sets on public side, to show and accept specific data depending on country where an event is going to happen etc.
    - Otherwise nothing special, just really complex code.
  • Core technologies currently used:
    Coldfusion 8, MS SQL Server 2008 database.

  Example project #3: Citylodge.co.za South Africa

  • Brief description: Hotel online booking, hard loaded and busy website. I entirely rebuilt code of public side twice there, first initially in 2007 and second recently after they switched to new API service provider. Specific of this project is it uses own database only as secondary and it's primary database is external one. I.e. it exchanges data with central reservations system which serves hotel online booking network. The API used is compliant to the OpenTravel specification.
  • Tech specifics:
    - Main specific of this project is using of XML-based queries within API syntax and need to cooperate with a team of those API developers. Sometimes to perform as beta-tester of their API.
  • Core technologies currently used:
    PHP 5, MySQL database.

Total number of unique projects (websites) I worked with since 2004 (bigger & smaller tasks, all successful) as shown in my billing system today, on Dec 13, 2018 is: