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    • 22 years of experience in ColdFusion programming.
    • Affordable web development for small business.
    • Quality web programming service guaranted.
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    I am professional experienced freelance web developer, single programmer specializing in ColdFusion/PHP+jQuery coding, the founder and the leader of CF-WORKS.
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    • Major experience with ColdFusion/PHP web development;
    • High resposibility, always available for urgent support;
    • Flexible and reliable co-worker;
    • Affordable rates;
    • I believe in fundamental law of privacy. Your personal information and website data will be private and confidential.


ColdFusion/Lucee, PHP, jQuery, database, HTML5, mobile/responsive CSS programming worldwide. WordPress and Joomla CMS support.


The CF-Works.com is contract web developer's personal website. I specialize in ColdFusion/PHP + jQuery programming.

The CF-Works.com is the website you should consider in case if you are looking for a contract web developer for some custom Coldfusion or PHP -based project or if you need a reliable freelance web developer to work with on "as-needed" ongoing basis to support some existing website. The goal of this site is to introduce me as professional highly experienced contract web developer who is ready to work for you right now for affordable rate. I am expert ColdFusion programmer and good PHP developer with 22+ years experience in web development and since 1998 experience in the field of computer programming overall.

The CF-Works is ColdFusion, PHP, database (MS SQL Server / MySQL / Oracle / MS Access), JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS development with recommendations by all of my clients, moderate rates and high responsibility. CF-Works provides quality reliable outsource web development service worldwide since April 2004. I do not require any payment in advance until some initial successful work done so you can check that things look and work well first. My proud is, although during these years I had many visitors who did not become my clients but I never had a customer unhappy with the web programming work I did for them and many of my clients are returning ones.


What I do and offer is:

  • Full life-cycle of ColdFusion / Lucee and PHP-based systems:
    • Custom web development using Coldfusion / Lucee / PHP including JavaScript / jQuery / Bootstrap programming, database programming (MS SQL Server / Oracle / Access / MySQL) from the ground up;
    • Ready for use web applications implemented in ColdFusion+jQuery (currently, only Client Billing & Invoicing System is available);
    • Expert analysis, troubleshooting, fixing, straightening, optimization and enhancing of existing projects, performance analysis and optimization;
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of an existing website (custom or opensource CMS-based like WordPress or Joomla), built with any of web programming technologies even beyond of Coldfusion and PHP;
  • Any other programming work matching my skills including work in a team, writing components, work with other programmers' code, writing custom scripts, utilities, grabbers (reading and parsing data from external websites/web services), scheduled scripts, diverse kinds of export/import/convert data and more;
  • CSS updates and applying new design (free or purchased from 3rd party template) to an existing website;
  • Responsive/mobile CSS web development;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What I do NOT do is:
I do not come up with creative graphic design solutions. So I am not a graphic designer although I am surely fluent with web design implementation piece, like CSS, HTML layout, Photoshop, Fireworks and so on and so say if a client created some graphics mockup in .jpg format of how they would like their site to look or purchased some design scheme from a professional web design studio, I can make it working from there. For pre-existing websites, I can just preserve existing style and follow it if nothing else required for project in terms of design.

If you are looking for experienced, Brainbench certified, professional and reliable freelance (contract) web developer, you are in the right place.


By working on database driven web sites for 22 years using ColdFusion and PHP technologies I earned expert ColdFusion experience since it was my main development tool and good PHP experience as well. I am experienced in a number of languages / technologies including Oracle PL/SQL and Pro* C, Java, X-Base family languages (FoxPro, DBase), but my current top skills by programming language/technology can be shown as the following chart below:

ColdFusion 95%
PHP 70%
Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap framework 80%
Databases, MS SQL / MySQL 90%
HTML5, CSS 90%

I have major experience in building and maintenance web-based applications of diverse business types, like:

  • E-Commerce (online stores, auctions, diverse kinds of online payments and invoicing with payment processing. BrainTree.com, Paypal, Walmart.com, Amazon.com, ApplePay, Authorize.net payment gateways APIs);
  • Business-To-Business (B2B) (like Client Billing & Invoicing System)
  • Customer Service (FAQs / MessageBoard (Forum) applications);
  • Intranet class applications (newsletter builders, event tracking, employee time tracking and so on);
  • Real estate-related web applications;
  • Travel management (travel agency website systems), web applications dealing with lodging reservations, hotel online booking, using Google Maps API;
  • Content management web systems (CMS);
  • Hosting management web systems;
  • Other commonly used web applications types (polling / voting (online surveys), guest books, photo galleries etc.);
  • Fully custom web-based applications (scripts, utilities, grabbers, parsers, data converters, scheduled ecripts etc.)

Also I am a reliable and a loyal co-worker. My associates have told me their experience working with me has been satisfying and rewarding. I accept web development worldwide and always ready to do Coldfusion or PHP programming as well as using any other programming technology for you or your company. I am working to create the best solution for your project. I have no other source of income aside of freelance web programming and this is a real good reason for me to be absolutely serious regarding the work I do. Long-term relationships are preferrable but quick one-time tasks (or urgent help requests) are OK to accept also.

I love to program things that work in real world and which are useful for people in their business. I am responsible for the work I do and will work until you are satisfied with the final project.

I am always available online during European and US (Eastern and Central time zones) working hours and more, partially including weekends as necessary. We communicate via messengers like Skype (ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo IM) and email. In some ways, a messenger like ICQ or Skype is even more convenient thing for discussing a project than verbal conversation due to ability to save dialogs for later review.

Regarding recommendations, let me know and I will provide them shortly so you could email or talk directly to my clients in United States, UK, South Africa, Sweden or Denmark if you would like to.


  • Nikta has worked for Replacement Remotes for over 5 years and he is a genius at programming Coldfusion. He is honest and dependable and I could not find a more dedicated and conscientious programmer. He has been a life saver my times over.

    Dan W. President/Owner NC, United States United States
  • Nikita is absolutely the most professional and reliable programmer we have ever worked with. He has always been there for us whenever we need him! We highly recommend him. It is hard to believe he is in a different country! I have worked with programmers in the same city that couldn't manage or communicate as well as Nikita.

    Maureen Webmaster CA, United States United States
  • Nikita, you are so observant and smart........ I AM GOING TO REFER YOU TO MY FRIENDS WHO OWN WEB SITE BUSINESS.... YOU ARE SO PROFESSIONAL.

    D'Layna Owner CA, United States United States
  • The most professional and trustworthy programmer I ever worked with.

    Olle Webmaster Sweden Sweden

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