Total number of unique projects (websites) I worked on since 2004 (whole projects, bigger & smaller tasks, all successfully done) as shown in my billing system today, on Jul 17, 2024 is: 102

A Few Selected Live Websites Examples

Since 2002 when started to work as web developer, I got to work on dozens of projects. In most of cases I was working on a project solely (as a single programmer). In other cases, there was a team of developers for me to cooperate with. Some of projects were started from ground up. Others were initially started by others developers and then fully reworked by me. Some of websites weren't reworked fully and took only a few hours of work from my side to accomplish task needed to be done. Some other ones which were reworked in a few months and successfully went live, then took years of ongoing development process to meet new requirements and to implement new ideas. So during those years there was done wide range of programming works of any kind. Unfortunately many of big and important projects do not longer exist on the web (firms changed owners and web developers and websites, went out of business etc., 22 years is a big time range).

For the portfolio page I have selected only a few projects which I built from ground up. (Web design used in the projects was either purchased by clients from 3rd party professional web design studios either created by clients on their own).

This is the oldest and the biggest project, started and went live in 2003 originally driven by Allaire ColdFusion 5 yet. Ongoing. Big and busy online store with 100000+ products in database. Aside of all regular e-commerce functionality it includes many custom scripts like import/export data, integration with eBay (MIP), Walmart, Google Shopping and other partners, Facebook chat for customer support, database utilities, a bunch of scheduled scripts and so on.

  • Technologies: Coldfusion 2016, MS SQL 2014 Database, jQuery, HTML 5, Responsive CSS, XML, PHP 7, SOAP Webservices
  • APIs: Paypal, BrainTree, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, ApplePay, Google Shopping, Google Microdata Markup, FedEx, UPS, Facebook
  • Live Since: 2003
  • Location: NC, United States United States

Small news and newsletters website. Started to work on it in 2006, fully reworked since then. The site uses instant static HTML pages generated by ColdFusion from database content and Solr-based search.

  • Technologies: Coldfusion, MS SQL Database, jQuery, HTML 5, Responsive CSS
  • Live Since: 1999 (under CF-Works maintenance since 2006)
  • Location: CA, United States United States

One of the oldest projects, started and went live in 2006. The goal of the site is to stream and to sell audio samples. It was not upgraded for a while though and at the moment is waiting for updates to start to rework CSS to responsive and to HTML 5.

  • Technologies: Coldfusion, MySQL Database
  • Live Since: 2006
  • Location: CA, United States United States

Online audio library for blind people.
Rather simple PHP-based website but it is long-living.
Web design: Trio Interactive
Programming: CF-Works

  • Technologies: PHP + MySQL
  • Live Since: 2008
  • Location: South Africa South Africa