LIVE data coming directly from database of my Client Billing & Invoicing System


The vector map below is a javascript plugged directly into my Client Billing & Invoicing System. It pulls clients from database groupped by country and shows them on vector map. So when a new client gets added to the database, they get shown below automatically. - Just wanted to note, some of them are long-term clients so the total number of clients is not very big (but enough to keep single web developer busy). I could not accept new customers for several past years because of being too busy with existing clients.

CF-Works Clients (active & inactive) by Country. LIVE Data from Database

Country Clients
United States United States 24
Denmark Denmark 4
South Africa South Africa 3
India India 2
Russian Federation Russian Federation 2
Australia Australia 1
France France 1
Sweden Sweden 1
Thailand Thailand 1
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1