Firms' or freelance rates for custom web development may vary from $20 up to $200+ /hour (for freelance, mostly falling into $20-$80/hour range). For instance, for the firm where I was working as senior web developer in past (2002-2004) it was $100/hr if no discount applied. So matter-of-fact, if you look for contract web developer (custom web development) and found them, you had to pay them $100/hr and the person who will do the work was me anyways. Now you can hire professional web developer directly for significantly lower rate even though my skills and experience grew up and wide noticeable since I left senior web developer position in that firm.

My hourly rates for custom web development (ColdFusion / PHP) in 2024 are:

Hours/Month Currency Hourly Rate

Billing does not include time taken to (time not to be billed):

  • Research (if a project involves fields beyond of ColdFusion, PHP or others areas I am familiar with);
  • Stucks (if any).

I don't require prepay me until customer is satisfied by the work I did.

For my clients I provide my ColdFusion CFC components, javascript functions, PHP classes and functions etc. which are pre-built pieces of functionality refined by years of using in diverse systems. Some of them may take hours and days of developement but my clients get them free of charge. I have built Client Billing & Invoicing System / project management edition where clients have secure access to their billling, projects, invoices and payments, can create tasks and leave notes related to paticular billing records, tasks and projects, view and print invoices and payments, get statement and reports by period and more.